What can Midnight Rebel Digital do for you?

Whether you are looking for a basic website, an e-commerce shop, or you want to offer something like online courses, a membership site, or a combo of any of those, we can help you create a beautiful website to showcase it all.

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Basic WordPress Site

Don't worry if you don't have a site setup yet - we can help you figure out hosting, install WordPress, install and configure any necessary plugins as well as design and develop the look and feel of your site. We can also create simple logos and other graphics for you. The only thing you'll need to bring is copy. (We have resources we can recommend if you need a good copywriter.)

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Set Up Shop

We'll install an e-commerce plugin that best suits your unique selling needs, configure the products or services you offer as well as your payment gateways, and make sure your site not only looks great, but is fast, secure, and easy for your customers to navigate.

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Offer Online Courses

There are TONS of resources online for course platforms but did you know that WordPress is a great LMS (Learning Management System) tool? WP has several LMS plugins we can use. Whether you need a robust solution with all the bells and whistles or a simple option with minimal requirements, there's one to fit your needs.

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Create Membership Portals

Much like LMS tools, WordPress offers a variety of simple and complex membership solutions to fit every situation. We'll take stock of everything you need and decide which plugin would be best suited to your unique membership requirements. 

What's included in our base WP design package

WordPress installed and configured on your domain

Just starting out? No worries! We'll get WP installed on your domain and setup properly. And if you already have WP installed, we'll ensure it's optimized for your site needs.

Customization of my base WordPress theme

We'll customize my base WP theme for your needs and desires, complete with your logo, your colors, your branding, etc. We'll also create templates of the final designs to allow you to easily build new pages or sections quickly.

Necessary plugins installed and configured

Part of the process includes installation and configuration of any needed plugins and full removal of any plugins that aren't necessary as well as optimization for speed and accessbility.

Pricing Begins At


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One thing you should know. . .

When premium plugins are needed for your site beyond what I already have development licenses for, you will need to purchase those in addition to the cost of your site's build. Generally, we will know if there are premium plugin requirements at the time I provide a quote for you but once in a while it becomes apparent later on, especially for complex builds.

What's NOT included in our website packages

Custom logos (though we can do simple designs)

Copywriting, content, writing, blog posts

Hosting, domain name registration

Lead magnets, freebies, marketing materials

Complete business branding

Premium plugins, addons, etc.

We can offer you resources for logos, branding, hosting, and domain name registration if you need them.

Lead magnets, copy and content writing, marketing materials, and freebies can be added on to any website development package.

Ready to rock?

Are you totally overwhelmed? Yep, I get it!

Figuring out what you need for your website, whether it's creating a brand new site or redesigning an existing one, can be anxiety inducing. There are so many options! And so many things to think about.

If that's you, never fear! Midnight Rebel Digital offers a Design Consult & Audit service to help you strategize, plan, and organize what YOU need for your site.

Request a Consult & Audit

We'll go over everything you need with a fine tooth comb and create a roadmap for the best possible site for YOU.