The Course Roadmap

"The best way to expand your brand or build your business, is to create a course and share your knowledge with someone who needs to know it."

Quote from me during my workshop at WordCamp Seattle 2019


Reports show that by 2025, the online education market will be a $325 BILLION - yes billion - dollar industry. And it will only continue to evolve.


Maybe you're sitting there thinking, "But, Annie, it's not about the money."

I hear you. And you're right, it's not. I'm using that fact to share with you WHY it's imperative that as a coach or a creative or service-based entrepreneur, you owe it to yourself - and most of all - your audience, to share your knowledge and expertise in this way.

Because the truth is, you have knowledge to share that someone else wants to learn. Sure, you could continue sharing that knowledge with your clients one-on-one but if you could - with little extra effort - leverage your knowledge in a way that allows you to share it exponentially, how much more impact do you think your work would have on the world?

The other reason I shared that statistic with you is that education is going to continue to change over the next several years. Online learning is not just a passing trend. Gone are the days of students sitting in big lecture halls listening to a professor teach.

BUT the most important reason of all. . . the most epic reason I shared that with you and the true reason you should create and launch a course is this. . .

We're no longer in the Information Age;

The main objective of The Course Roadmap is to help you get it all down, organized, packaged, and ready to sell so you don't have to do it all on your own.

To help you - as well as your clients - take action.

Because I know how overwhelming it can be to have so many ideas, so much knowledge and skill, that you have no idea where to even begin! You don't have to figure this out all by yourself.

That's why I've created The Course Roadmap. We'll get your ideas out of your head and down on paper so you can start making sense out of everything and get the darn course done.

My goal is to help you define your topic, create an outline, build out your curriculum, design your materials, and choose the best tools for the job of actually delivering your course to your students.

If you're a coach, a creative, or other service-based entrepreneur, who's ready to connect with more people - to scale from one to many - you're in the right place!


"I love working with Annie, I really felt like she listened, instead of trying to push my ideas and vision into some lame cookie cutter approach. I felt like I was missing something really obvious and the moment we got into what I was up to, Annie pulled the right strategy and my missing pieces out of thin air and presented them in such clear language - it was easy to finally implement, instead of spinning in circles! I walked away from our session knowing not only what to do next, but also that I had someone in my corner who could see my greatness, even when I couldn't."

Shannon Townsend
Founder of the #BragOutLoud Movement


If you're like most of my clients, your biggest question right now is probably something like. . .

Who is Annie? And why should I trust her?

And those are great questions.

In short, I'm an operations and productivity strategist and not only have I been in business for over 20 years when most entrepreneurs don't make it past the first two years, I've started and operated a multi-million dollar construction company, so I know what it takes to create sustainability, growth, and money.

My goal is to help you do three things:

  • Create order out of chaos by taking the guess work out of what you need to do

  • Make your dreams come into reality. Because dreams aren't just for dreaming, they're for doing

  • Design and implement systems and processes that allow you to create massive forward momentum in your life and biz AND that allow you to give back

The longer version is. . .

About 20 years ago, my web and graphic design business was beginning to take off, and with two kids at home, I needed to create systems in place that would maximize my time with both my family and my career.

And as I learned those processes and concepts, I realized that my design knowledge, my exceptional organizational skills and my ability to see BOTH the big picture AND the details, I could really help a lot of people find their purpose and build businesses that give back.

In the last 10 years, I've created several long sustaining business, including One Generation Peace Project thanks to these methods. In addition, I've helped over 30 people start and grow their own businesses.

And I'm not just talking about online "solopreneur" businesses (web design, coaching, astrology, copywriting, photography). My methods work for brick & mortar companies too - like gas stations, cleaning companies, landscaping businesses, real estate agencies, investment firms, restaurants, hair salons and my own construction company to name a few.

Now I'm teaching these methods to you.

Bottom line: I created the The Course Roadmap  for YOU - to help you build a business and lifestyle you love and enables you to give back to your family, your community, and the world all while fulfilling your deepest sense of purpose and contribution.

Creating a course can help you scale your business to the next level. It gives you freedom and flexibility.


1: Your Launch Strategy

The first thing we're going to take a look at and decide on is your Launch Strategy. This includes your market research, your lead magnet, and how to validate your course idea so that it hits the mark with your target audience.

We'll also develop a timeline so that you know exactly what you need to do at each and every step of the process along the way.

2: Structure & Plan Your Course

During our strategy session, we'll get the Structure of your course lined out. What that means is, we will decide how your course will be delivered, what components it will have such as video, audio, PDF documents, etc.

And then we'll outline each module, each lesson, any quizzes, and all the little pieces that will make up your curriculum. We'll build an outline of everything you want to include in your course.

3: Create Your Content

Once we have the structure and planning of your course completed, we'll dig into your actual content from worksheets and slides to video and audio. I'll also help you assess which tools and resources will work best for you so that you can create your content with ease.

Then we'll put all the pieces together and wrap it all up so it's ready to go.

4: The Tools and Tech Pieces

Last, we'll get the tools you'll be using sorted and installed. We'll talk setting up your platform and getting the content loaded within that platform.



Planning & Launch Worksheets

When you order The Course Roadmap, I'll send you a set of planning and launch worksheets that you can use to research and test your idea, outline your course modules, prepare your content, and launch your course. Some of them, you'll do prior to our strategy session and others you will use during and after our call to organize and flesh out your materials.


Lesson & Worksheet Templates

Included with The Course Roadmap are templates for your own worksheets. You'll receive a checklist, reflection questions, a slide deck template, and more. This will take the guesswork out of HOW you should create your course handouts and materials, making it super simple for you! Just pop in your content and you're ready to go!

"Passion is honed; not found."  Laura Belgray

Katie Kozlowski headshot

"Annie is AMAZING! She helped me create more in 90 days than anyone else in 2 years. Working with Annie has been an incredible journey. It's not over yet, and she has already helped me break through so many barriers and blocks I had created by own silly thinking! Her approach really helps you empty your head of all the ideas that limit your potential and expand into the new space where you find your TRUE self and TRUE business. At times it's frustrating to look at your own S!*& but Annie has a skillset and gift that helps you do that without feeling bad about yourself or your work. In fact, she helps you feel AWESOME!"

Katie Kozlowski

Nida Kazmi - Tiger



The Course Roadmap Express

We will jump on Zoom for 2.5 hours of intensive, deep strategy where we'll lay all of your pieces out on the table and arrange them in a way that works for you and gets you on the pathway to creating the best course possible.

During our conversation, we'll hold nothing back. We'll brainstorm, organize, refine, and course-correct until we get it all just right.

Then, over the next 30 days, you'll have full access to me via email and/or Voxer to work through any nagging issues that come up or challenges that you need help working through.


The Course Roadmap Journey

In the Course Roadmap Journey edition, we'll start with a 1.5 hour strategy session where, much like in the Express edition above, we'll lay everything out on the table so we can work through it with a fine tooth comb.

A few days later, we'll jump on Zoom for a 2nd 1.5 hour round to brainstorm, strategize, outline, organize, and plan the curriculum and flow of your course  in more detail.

Then, a few days after that, we'll jump on Zoom for a 3rd and final time for another 1.5 hour session to refine, revise, and polish up the details. In this session, we'll also get all of your tools and systems in order.

And just like the Express edition, you will have access to me via email and/or Voxer for a full 30 days of on-going support to work through anything you need support around.

The Course Roadmap Express


The Course Roadmap Journey



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