Rebel Digital Membership

Just $15 for your first month!

Are you looking for more leads, reviews, and/or visibility in your business?

You'll wanna join the Rebel Digital Membership then!

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Early Bird Membersihp Special Offer

Are you looking for more leads, reviews, and/or visibility in your business?

You'll wanna join the Rebel Digital Membership, then!

Each month, you'll get support, tips, and tools to help you get more leads, reviews, and visibility. You'll also get help to implement what you're learning.

Inside the membership portal, you'll have access to videos to help you with lead generation, getting reviews, growing your business, strategy and implementation, what tech tools to use and how to use them, and more. Plus, you'll have access to live group Q&A sessions, courses, and other support systems inside.

And, as a member, you'll be eligible for client rates on additional services, which are 25% to 50% less than regular rates.

Grab your spot in this membership for $15 for the first month and then just $49/month after that.

When we fully launch this membership in Q1 of 2023, the price will be doubling, so if you want support in the coming year at a super great price, now is the time.

Here's what you'll find inside:

Lead Generation & Visibility

We'll go over finding the best leads for your business and how to connect with them

Reviews on Autopilot

In this section, we'll talk about setting up getting reviews on autopilot

Streamline Your Systems

Learn how to setup your systems for maximum results that are stress-free

Website & Landing Pages

Make your website really work for you. What your homepage, about page, and contact pages should have on them

Planning, Strategy, & Workflows

Learn simple and effective tools for getting it all done without pulling your hair out or losing sleep

Marketing & Social Media

Effective marketing and social media strategies to align with your ideal clients

Your Products & Services

We'll talk about everything from what to offer, how to offer it, and who to offer it to

Your Online Presence

From your website to social media to your newsletters or mailing lists

Content & Copywriting

What to say and how to say it in order to reach your intended audience

Mindset & Self-Care

Because we gotta take care of ourselves or we won't have a business!

And more!

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Get a free copy of my Whole Life Business Planner

A $48 value

The Whole Life Business Planner is a quarterly, undated planner you can use to plan your month, week, and day. Plus, define your health and wellness goals, your major milestones, keep track of things you're grateful for, phone calls and appointments, and more.

Please note: this is a digital edition of the planner.

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