Ready to reach your goals?

The Rebel Accountability Crew is all about helping our members define, declare, and dominate their own personal and/or business goals.

We exist to give folks like you an edge so you can uplevel both your inner and outer game.

Every Monday, we post our intentions in our members-only community and meet virtually via Google Meet to strategize and get feedback.

We offer each other support, solutions (if asked for), and to be a source of cheer and goodwill.

Then at the end of the week we checkin with ourselves and each other to see how things went, what might need improvement, and what worked well.

Plus, we have co-working sessions each week where any member can drop in for support, collaboration, networking, and to get shit done.

Overall, it's pretty informal - we have a lot of fun! But we also push each other to do our best, remind each other we're all worthy, that we're all human, and make a difference.

So, if you'd like to be part of a community like that, please come join us!

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