Purposeful Dreamer Art Gallery


Karina had an existing website using WordPress.org and first hired me to do some cleanup and monthly maintenance to her site.

She was looking for a way to streamline onboarding new Artists and their related artwork. She also wanted to be able to better showcase an artist each month and the charity they were supporting.

We ultimately decided that a redesign using Astra Pro, Beaver Builder, Dokan Multivendor, an events plugin, a booking plugin, WPForms, and WooCommerce were the way forward.

Staging was setup and we rebuilt the site to look pretty similar to the old version but cleaned the look up a bit and added functionality to help with the streamline and onboarding process.

Using WPForms, we created an application process for new artists to help Karina onboard new artists relatively easily. The form then redirects to a booking page so the artist can schedule an interview with Karina.

The site is also using Facebook for WooCommerce to sell the artwork on both Facebook and Instagram.

Lastly, we created several templates in Beaver Builder so that Karina can easily add new artists along with their artwork to the site and doesn't need to rely on me to do that for her.