Copy of Black Friday Community Deals V1 2022

Creating content can be tough!

Especially for our own stuff. Am I right?

But creating content for others? Now that's easy! At least, we think so. Which is why we're happy to announce that for Black Friday, you can take advantage of a super sweet deal!

With this offer, you get 4 monthly blog posts AND 4 monthly newsletters written for you for an ENTIRE quarter - that's 3 months - for one smashing price.

Now, let me be clear about this offer. . .

This deal - with 4 blog posts AND 4 newsletters per month for 3 months - isn't even something you can buy on the site. It's a unique offer, just for this Black Friday season. And when this season is over, so this is deal.

Yes, you can get both on a monthly subscription - which is the regular price you see listed below - but we don't offer quarterly or annual pricing.

All you gotta do is give us a list of topics you want covered and make sure to provide images (if you want those added to the post or newsletter). It's super easy - we'll just have you list them on your own custom project calendar in the client portal, which you'll get access to as a client, and we'll do the rest.

Well, we'll write them, anyway. You still gotta add them to your blog and your email marketing system yourself. We can do that for you, though, as well if that's something you need - just be sure to choose the ADDON option in the order form.

Normally this would cost $2700 for 4 blog posts AND 4 newsletters every month for 3 months but with this deal, you'll only pay $1800.

Your content will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder each week if you choose to add them to your blog and newsletter yourself. If you want us to do it, that's cool (be sure to add that to your purchase below) - and we'll still make sure you have copies in your Drive folder so you can review before everything goes out.

We'll batch your content weekly, usually the week before it's due, so you have time to review and ask for edits. You get 2 edits with each draft - so be clear.

Got questions? Please head to the contact page and send us a quick message. You can also take a look at the main Content Creation services page for additional info.

So, choose your option to pay in full OR to make 3 payments (it's a bit more for that option) and then if you want us to add them to your blog and email apps, select that as well.

This offer expires on Monday November 28, 2022 at 11:59pm Pacific time.

3 Months of Done For You Content

You get 4 blog posts AND 4 newsletters per month written for you plus a handful of 'remixed' content you can use for social media posts and meme images


Get one hour of tech support per month free when you pay in full
($1125 value)


Get one automation sequence
OR lead magnet when you pay in full
($600 value)

Take advantage of this one time black friday offer

Add this to your order if you'd like us to add your content to your blog and email marketing system each month as well

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