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For the past several years, I’ve been a fan and user of Mailchimp and because I have an old, old account, I have many features for free that you now have to pay for. But I began to feel like it was really lacking for what I wanted to do with my email platform so I began searching for another email marketing system. I started noticing these simple, elegant emails from a few lists I was on and discovered ConvertKit.

So, I checked it out. Went through all of their product features, their roadmap, emailed support and asked questions and in the end, I decided I was ready to switch. . .

And I’ve never been happier. ConvertKit is a simple yet very robust tool for sending email campaigns, creating landing pages, optin sequences and more.

One of the best things about it, is they do list segmenting right which means you don’t get charged for subscribers who are on multiple lists and segments like you do with most other services.

Their plans are very affordable and setting things up is very easy. Plus, there’s an active Facebook community of very helpful users if you get stuck and need help with anything.

I highly recommend ConvertKit and am happy to help you set it up too, if you need it, for a reasonable rate. Just let me know.

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