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All blog posts, newsletters, social media content, and any other written content will be shared with you via Google Drive and will use Google Docs. If you are unfamiliar with Google Drive/Docs, please let me know so I can help you set it up. (It’s free.)  You will be responsible for copying your content from Google Docs to your blog or email marketing system, etc. 

If you already have a Drive folder with all of your content in it, please share it with me ( is the email I use for Drive), otherwise, I will create one and share that with you using the email you used on your order form.

What I need from you

Any upcoming dates: launches, webinars/masterclasses, interviews, etc.
Topics for your content – a spreadsheet organized by month and week would be great
If you chose the option(s) to have us handle posting/emailing your content, fill out the form below with your details
A list of links and calls to action that you want included in your content – organized in a spreadsheet (include what topic/week they should go with if not already indicated)
Any images, logos, etc you want included – organized in a folder and indicated on the spreadsheet with the topic

Site &/or email app details

Fill out the form below if you have chosen for us to handle posting and/or emailing your content as part of your Content Creation subscription. If you didn’t order blog or newsletter add-ons, you can ignore this form.

Special notes:

For your website – create an admin account for me. This is super important! I cannot do what needs to be done without this. You can choose to have the system send it directly to me or fill out the form below with the information.

For your email app – if you have the option to add another user, please do so. Use for my email address. Your system may send the info directly to me via email. If you can’t add me as a user, make sure 2-factor authentication is OFF so I don’t have to bug you every time I’m trying to work on your content, and fill out the form below with your login information.

You only need to fill out this form if you ordered blog/article posting add-on and/or newsletter posting add-on services.

Content Submission Form