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Now, let's get you all setup and ready to rock. . .

Please fill out the form below with ALL of the details. Every field is required.

To recap, here's what you need:

  1. A title for your offer
  2. One square image, preferably around 1200 x 1200 px (no smaller than 600x600)
  3. Short description of about 45 words (think "elevator pitch" length)
  4. Long description with the benefits of your offer (max 200 words). Add paragraph spaces to your description, please. But don't double space between each.
  5. The special price of your offer and the regular price it sells for
  6. Dates your offer starts and ends
  7. How someone can reach out to you if they have questions (DO NOT USE an email address for this! That's a good way to get spam and phishing attacks in your inbox and to your website. Your contact option should be a contact page on your website or a link to a calendar to book a call. You can add both a contact page link and a booking link in this space, if you'd like.)
  8. And of course, a link to the page on your site (or landing page etc) where people can purchase it

I'll get your offers listed as quickly as I can. And remember, you can submit ONE PAID offer and ONE FREEBIE offer (if you'd like). It's not required to have both. If you do have both, submit the form TWICE - once for each offer. (Hit the back back and refresh the page. That should reset the form so you can submit the 2nd one. If not, you will be getting an email with all the details and the link to the form.)

Also, please note that there is no currency indicator listed on the pricing boxes. I did this to allow for currencies other than the US dollar. Please specify which currency your offer is in using the "Anything else I need to know" space.

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