Black Friday Listing

Got a hot offer for Black Friday?

Wanna get more eyeballs on it?

List your offer on the Black Friday Deals Community Page!

Here's the deal. . .

I want to help my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners make more than just a buck this year - I want to help you end the year with a bang AND make an impact. That's why I'm putting this listing page together.

Everyone who signs up gets a listing on this page along with some marketing. In fact, you actually can have TWO listings - one paid offer AND one freebie offer! (It's ok if you don't have both, though. But if you do, you can submit a listing for each.)

I'll be sharing the page with my network including my Facebook networks (my pages, my groups, and personal profile), on LinkedIn, with my email newsletter, blog, and anywhere else I can share the page.

Now, there is a fee for this - it's just $99 - and that's simply to cover my costs and time of creating this page, putting it together, and marketing it all week. I will make zero profit on this and that's not the goal anyway. Like I said earlier, the goal is to help YOU, my fellow entrepreneurs and small business owners.

In addition to the listing fee, the only other thing I ask is that you share the page with all of your networks and mailing lists as well. This creates a win/win for all of us. The more we can all share and support each other, the better. And like I said earlier, that's my reason for offering this in the first place.

So, the details. . .

Your listing will include your offer title, short description, longer description, an image, price, and a link to your own offer page (on your website or wherver you're hosting it).

The page will go live on Monday the 20th (but your offer does not have to start then!) and will end on Sunday the 26th (your offer doesn't have to be open that same timeframe, though). Your offer can start and end whenever you want and that will be noted on the listing so that people know how long they have to grab your offer.

And that's it! Pretty simple.

If that sounds cool to you, make your payment using the form below. After you make your payment, you'll be directed to a form to submit all of your information. PLEASE BE SURE TO SUBMIT YOUR FORM NO LATER THAN TUESDAY THE 21st so I can get everything setup as quickly as possible.

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